Guide to Wedding Stationery – part 2

So your invitations are all sent out and you’re now planning the finer details of your day. How many order of service do I need? How do I arrange my seating plan?                     This second part of my guide to wedding stationery covers all the ‘on the day’ stationery.

Order of Service / Order of the Day

These provide your guests with the details of the ceremony and can also be a nice souvenir of the day. Ideally you should provide one per person (or at least one per couple) plus any extras for whoever is involved in conducting the service.

An order of service for a church ceremony would be more comprehensive with the readings and hymns printed out in full for your guests to follow along. For a civil ceremony you could still have quite a comprehensive order of service with details of the music and readings printed out in full.

Order of the day details the timings of the various parts of the day and could include a brief outline of the ceremony including the titles of any readings and music.


You will need one or two per table depending on how many guests are on each table.  Don’t forget to include a vegetarian option, and make sure you have catered for any special dietary requirements your guests may have.

Table Plan & Place Cards

A table plan on display at your venue will enable your guests to find their seats quickly and easily. The plan should show each numbered table with a list of the guests sitting on each table. If you want to assign particular seats for each guest then you will also need place cards at each place setting on the tables.


When working out your seating plan, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Think about guests who have disabilities, are elderly, or have young children and seat them at tables that are more easily accessible for the exits/toilets etc.

Seat younger guests near the dance floor, older guests further away.



Families should be sat together, try to avoid having a table of leftover people who don’t really know each other by mixing singles and couples in with family groups so that everyone will know at least some of the other guests at their table.

The traditional seating for a top table is as follows:

But of course there are many ways to seat a top table, and it is a case of what will work best for you. It can obviously be more complicated if parents of the bride and groom have divorced and remarried. To avoid any issues some couples have what is called a sweetheart table for just the bride and groom.

Table Names / Numbers

These will help your guests to find their assigned table easily. It is very popular now to have tables names rather than numbers. The names can fit in with the theme of the wedding or have a special meaning to the bride and groom.







Thank You Cards

It is very important to remember to thank your guests for sharing your day and to thank them for their gift. It is a good idea to make a list of who has given you what as you open your gifts. Or if you have your gift list with a department store they will often supply a list for you.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at my Guide to Wedding Stationery – part 1 for helpful advice on save the date cards, invitations and rsvp cards


Guide to Wedding Stationery – part 1

So you’ve set the date and now its time to invite your guests. Is it necessary to send save the date cards? How do I word my invitations? How many invitations should I order? This brief guide to wedding stationery will hopefully answer the most common questions.

Save The Date Cards

Many people view save the date cards as an unnecessary added expense and for many people, they may not be necessary. It really depends on the time of year you are getting married, for example if you are getting married at the height of the summer holiday season, on a bank holiday or around christmas, save the date cards are a good way of letting your guests know well in advance so that they can make arrangements to attend. These can be sent out 9-12 months in advance. Save the date cards wouldn’t usually be sent to evening guests as this could give the impression they were invited to the whole day, although you could change the wording to ‘save the evening’ or ‘evening invitation to follow’ to make it clear.

Wedding and Evening Invitations

Traditionally invitations should be sent out no later than 6 weeks before the wedding. However, as most venues usually require final numbers around 6 weeks in advance, depending on what time of year your wedding is, I would recommend sending your invitations 3-5 months before the wedding with an rsvp date of approx 8 weeks before the wedding.

When working out how many invitations to order, bear in mind that you don’t need one invitation per guest, but just one invitation per couple or family. It is also a good idea to order some extra invitations to allow for additional guests and also for any mistakes while writing them out, 10% is a reasonable guide, so for example if you need to order 50 invitations then add on an extra 5 invitations.

The wording inside the invitation is a personal choice depending on how formal you want to be and who is hosting the wedding. It is traditional for the brides name to appear first on the invitations, but again this is personal choice.                                                            There are just  a couple of examples shown here but more examples can be found at

Other things you may want to include in the invitations would be directions to the venue, hotel information, gift list details and a request for your guests to let you know of any dietary requirements.

RSVP Cards

As with save the date cards, these are an optional extra. Providing rsvp cards to your guests can encourage a quicker response but this is not guaranteed! As shown on the evening invitation example above, you could include various reply options for your guests including an email address, telephone number or some couples set up a wedding website that includes all the details about the venue and gift list etc.

The second part of my wedding stationery guide covers all the ‘on the day stationery’ such as order of service, place cards and table plans






Save the Date Cards

Save the Date cards are a good idea if you are getting married during a busy holiday period. They should be sent out around 12 months before your wedding, this will give your guests plenty of notice to make arrangements to attend. This is a set of Save the Date cards recently completed with burgundy roses on cream card.

Single Rose Save the Date Cards

Butterflies design

Every week have a show off day on their facebook page. This weeks theme was butterflies, so this was a perfect opportunity to preview a new wedding invitation design.

This design will be available as a full range of wedding stationery in the next few weeks. The colour options for the butterflies have yet to be finalised but the text will be available in the same range of colours as other designs on the website.


New website

Welcome to the news and blog page for RJ Wedding Stationery.

My name is Rebecca and I run RJ Wedding Stationery, offering affordable handmade wedding invitations and stationery. I am based in Liverpool but can dispatch to the whole of the UK and Europe.

My aim is to supply quality handmade wedding stationery at an affordable price. You can visit the website to see the range of designs on offer and any new designs will be featured on this news page.

So watch this space!